3 Important Things to Look Out For Before Wrapping Your Car

If you’ve considered vinyl wraps for your vehicle or fleet of company vehicles, you’re already on the way to making a great investment towards your brand and marketing. While the vinyl wrap can typically be applied quickly and without incident, there are some factors worth considering before getting the job done.

1. The Car’s Original Paint

If your car was purchased new, chances are you’ve got a pretty good idea about the original colour, but what about used vehicles? Perhaps the previous owner had the car painted in another colour or the coat of paint used was low quality. These things matter when it comes to applying vinyl wraps since cars with old, damaged, or poor quality paint jobs can have their paint affected when applying and removing the vinyl wrap.

When removing the vinyl wrap, whether it’s at the end of its usable lifespan or you’re replacing it with a new wrap, there is always a chance that the coat of paint underneath can peel off. If the paint isn’t old, damaged, or poor quality, the chances are minimal, especially if the wrap is removed using the correct techniques. If not, the chances are much higher that the paint will peel off as well.

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2. Imperfections

Bear in mind that vinyl wraps are a sort of ‘skin’ for your car, so any imperfections such as dents, chips, and cracks may show after the wrap has been applied. Even accumulated soil and dirt on the car’s surface may show as an unpleasant bump if not properly removed or scraped away before the application.

Try to suction out any large dents and scrape away debris that will interfere with the uniformity of the vinyl wrap before taking the car in. Also keep in mind that certain patterns will do a better job of hiding imperfections than others.

Designs with wood grain, gradients, and darker colours will tend to hide imperfections better than matte, single colour wraps, for example.

3. Rust

It is imperative that you resolve any rust problems on your car before applying your vinyl wrap. If rust is present, the vinyl wrap will not adhere properly and the imperfections (bubbling, etc.) will show underneath; the rust will also continue to eat away at the vehicle’s metal even after the wrap has been applied.

If you need to have your car treated for rust before applying a vinyl wrap, be sure to have a fresh coat of paint applied and then wait at least a week or so to allow any bubbling to subside. The vinyl wrap will adhere perfectly fine to a relatively fresh coat of paint, but not to rust.

It’s important to know that vinyl wraps won’t remediate rust that’s present underneath, but it will protect the car from rust after it has been applied. It will also provide some protection against rock and debris chips and scratches, thus preserving the quality of the paint underneath.

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