5 Graphic Design Trends for Retailers in 2019

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2019 is an exciting time for retail and commercial graphic design. Not only because of the shifting demands of consumers, but also because of technological innovations and their impacts on society and how we interact with information. It’s no longer a novelty but now a necessity for most retail businesses to have an online presence, whether through social media or via e-commerce on their website, even if you’re operating a strictly brick and mortar business.

Furthermore, we are on the cusp of welcoming Generation Z, with all of their tech-savvy, always-connected needs and desires to the workforce. This means that advertising, logo design, signage, and printed materials need to be appealing and eye-catching whilst conveying your brand in a convincing manner. Go Graphics Perth have the creativity and foresight to create fresh and modern signs and signage to do just that.

Here are five graphic design trends that retailers can capitalise on in 2019.

1. Space Themes

Innovation, technology, and a rekindled interest in space exploration are driving a trend towards galactic themes. Space imagery such as stars and futuristic yet clean lines evoke a sense of wonder, and such themes are a clear departure from the past decades’ trends in safe, simple designs.

Perhaps your business doesn’t endeavour to seek out new life and civilisations, but you can boldly go in confidence knowing that futurism is on its way to becoming a trend in Australia. Tech retailers, mobile phone repair shops, and any business dealing with innovative technology are sure to stand out with this theme. 

2. Clean and Minimalistic

Nascent Ironside 7

Although not entirely a new trend, minimalist logos and signage are showing no signs of slowing in terms of popularity. For exactly the opposite reasons mentioned for the popularity of galactic themes, clean, minimalistic designs are on the rise. 

Cluttered and busy designs can leave many of us feeling overwhelmed and marketers are waging an ever-increasingly intense war for our eyes. Whether viewing on our mobile phones or on in-store signage and menus, for example, minimalist designs are a reactionary response that aim to calm and relax the mind.

3. Bold, Contrasting Colours

Battery World OConnor Ute Wrap 4 1

This year, colour contrasts are expected to play an important role in customer engagement. Bold colours that contrast well, such as a deep, rich, red or purple are immediately noticeable to the human eye. Catching the attention of your audience amongst a sea of competitors can be overwhelmingly difficult through words alone, so let your colours do the heavy lifting and choose a palette that consists of a simple yet instantly recognisable contrast of colours that represent your brand.

4. Social Media Integration

Every business worth their salt will have some form of social media presence. Rather than thinking of social media as a necessity, especially for the younger generations that rely so heavily on social media presence for communication, think of social media as an opportunity to promote your brand.

Designs that seamlessly incorporate popular social media platforms, particularly Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, enable your business to access wider audiences. Think designs that use your chosen social media platforms’ icons in a contrasting colour. Moreover, your social media posts and stories should aim to showcase your brand in a recognisable way, such as through strategic use of hashtags or tagging your business location.

Don’t neglect the popularity of Instagram hot spots. Retailers such as restaurants and ice cream parlours are making more and more use of dedicated spaces for Instagram photos. These types of hot spots should clearly display your logo and brand; the potential for going viral is real.

5. Spicy and Rich Reds & Oranges

Little Owl Van Wrap 2

It’s no secret that restaurants and the food industry in general have been using red to invoke the appetite of passersby. Spicy reds, vibrant oranges, and rich purples are all gaining popularity for this old reason, but it’s only expected to continue well into 2020 and beyond.

Contrast these bold colours with earthy tones, already widely used for coffee shops and a more down-to-earth vibe. Designs that use these refreshing contrasts are already popular, but there’s no sign of slowing down.

Now you have an idea of some of the season’s current design trends, it’s time to contact a reputable creative design team to make your vision a reality!