5 Great Vehicle Wrap Design Ideas for Restaurants

One of the best forms of modern advertising within your city, town, and community is to upgrade your vehicle (or fleet of vehicles) with high-quality vinyl wraps complete with eye-catching designs. This is true for many types of service-based industries, including restaurants and hospitality.

Now more than ever, vehicle vinyl wraps convey simple, clear branding and messages that showcase the best of what your restaurant has to offer. Turn eyes and attract plenty of attention, and by extension new business and boosted revenue with these five vehicle vinyl wrap ideas for restaurants:

  • Food Trucks

Surging in popularity here in Australia, food trucks benefit immensely from creative designs. As opposed to traditional brick and mortar restaurants, food trucks are your means of transport as well as the point of service, so think differently in terms of design.

Vibrant, eye-catching colours can bring in attention from afar, but keep in mind that foot traffic passing by will have ample time to read over smaller print (e.g. meal deals, 2-for-1 specials, etc.) than if they were passing by at 50 km/h.

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  • Delivery Vehicles

A common method of advertising your restaurant whilst on the road is to outfit delivery vehicles with custom vinyl wraps. Perhaps a decade ago, it might not have made much of a difference, but today it’s essential that delivery vehicles showcase your brand in a clear and concise manner.

Just consider for a moment that decades ago, McDonald’s spent a massive budget on engineering the perfect odour for their food, which gives that distinct “ah, that’s Macca’s” smell whenever someone passes you by with a bag. Similarly, your vehicle can showcase that “ah, I want what they’re having” feeling to motorists and passersby. Whether it’s a graphic design of a slice of pizza or a tasty hamburger, spend the time and effort to create a design that evokes hunger and desire.

  • Bakeries & Catering Services

If a substantial portion (or all) of your business comes from catering services at weddings, graduation ceremonies, and other festivities, the importance of clever vinyl wraps for your vehicle is even more pronounced, since your business may not have the benefit of front-facing premises where patrons can come in and eat.

Use clear colours that stand out and clearly show what your business does, paired with text that lets people know which types of event you cater for. Word of mouth travels quickly in the catering industry, with a particularly tasty lunch potentially getting lots of people recommending you to friends and family.

  • Evoke Hunger and Desire for Gourmet Food

There are good reasons, psychological in nature, why many successful restaurant chains tend to choose red, orange, and yellow as dominant colours. If practical for your brand, incorporate these colours so that your vehicle can evoke a strong desire for your tasty food. Pair your colour palette with a graphic showcasing a tasty meal that will make mouths water.

  • Menus & Meal Deals

If relevant, use your vinyl wrap to showcase a hot menu item that’s a consistently leading seller such as 2-for-1 deals, or mention FREE delivery on all orders over a certain amount.

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