5 Reasons Why Traditional Signage is So Popular

No matter how much marketing is going digital to reach wider local and international audiences, businesses still need quality traditional signage to welcome customers and clients through the front door. Traditional signage such as storefront logos and designs, floor and window decals, and footpath signs and banners are more important than ever and here’s why:

1. Traditional Signage Isn’t Going Anywhere

Digital marketing and native advertising may be relatively new and immensely popular nowadays, but that doesn’t mean they’re pushing away traditional signage. Traditional signage complements other marketing efforts and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

If a customer can’t find you on Google, that may be a problem, but if they can’t find your physical shop location in person, you’ve got a whole other problem likely due to insufficient traditional signage.

2. Convert Leads

You’ve only got a precious few seconds to catch the eye of customers nowadays (perhaps as little as 2-3 seconds), so a catchy and attractive marketing campaign can do wonders for lead generation. But what good are hundreds or thousands of potential leads if you can’t close a sale.

Traditional signage on its own won’t close a sale, but it’s a darned good start. Modern graphics and banners should clearly showcase the best of your brand and what your business has to offer. When done well, an attractive storefront can make that crucial step to convert leads into valued customers.

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5 Reasons Why Traditional Signage is So Popular 3

3. Stand Out From the Crowd

Minimal storefronts with nothing more than a logo have proven extremely successful for some major corporations (a particular apple-shaped logo comes to mind), which comes along with their massive appeal and widespread advertising power. The same can’t be said for most local businesses, which must rely on creative and eye-catching designs that clearly tell potential customers who you are and what you can offer them.

Since every business stands to benefit from creative advertising and traditional signage for brick and mortar shops, make yours stand out with a truly beautiful design from a reputable graphic design company.

4. Effective and Cost-Effective

Creating a valuable product or service should be the cornerstone of your business, but what good will that do if nobody recognises your business from a sea of competitors? Traditional signage is effective as well as cost-effective, since storefront displays garner constant attention from patrons and passersby alike. This makes them a great long-term investment as they’re relatively inexpensive compared to how many leads you’ll generate and convert.

5. Adaptability

Traditional signage can be custom-designed to fit just about any business, regardless of how the property’s laid out and the dimensions you’ve got to work with. Big and bold advertising may work for some businesses whilst minimalistic designs work well for others. The benefit to your business is that you can have a graphic designer come up with adaptable and flexible designs to suit your needs and to complement your existing premises’ aesthetic.

Modern printing is, in many ways, more flexible than digital advertising because you aren’t necessarily constrained by pixel dimensions for social media, for example, but instead can custom design any sort of signage you’d like thanks to modern print technologies.

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5 Reasons Why Traditional Signage is So Popular 4

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