Classic Branding vs Modern Branding: What’s the Difference?

Branding plays a massive role in any marketing efforts your business is undertaking, since it affects recognition, awareness, and the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Whether it’s a clever logo, catchy slogan, or an attractive blend of graphics or text that draw eyes towards your brand, your brand has got to really stick out

Classic and modern branding are two general styles, but which is better for your business? It depends on many factors, but below are a few differences between the two that can help you create or redesign a brand to get the desired effect from your marketing.

Classic Branding

Many famous brands and their logos are well-known, even though they haven’t changed in decades. Take, for example BMW, the world-famous German automobile producer with over 100 years of history. Their small, circular logo showcases the pattern and colour scheme of the flag of the Free State of Bavaria, owing to their heritage in Munich. Almost all over the world, the brand is easily recognisable since it’s remained relatively the same since the company was founded.

Coca-Cola is another famous brand that has remained mostly unchanged since 1885. With its cursive white script over a red background, the brand is recognisable all over the world. Although in 1985 the company attempted to rebrand its famous logo under the ‘New Coke’ widespread backlash against the new flavour and branding quickly got them to change it back. Just imagine that in countries where English isn’t widely spoken, the words ‘Coca-Cola’ are probably understood!

There are countless other examples of successful classic branding, but the bottom line is that branding which incorporates tradition and weathers the ages well doesn’t need to change. For small businesses who may not have the reach of global corporations, the advantage is that they can often update or change their brand and logo without leading to too much confusion or loss of brand awareness.

Modern Branding

Modern branding requires a lot more than simply staying with a centuries-old brand. Businesses looking for sleek, 21st century branding need to be aware of the ebbs and flows of what works now and what will hopefully work in the future.

For example, Lipton Ice tea began marketing in the 1990s, when the prevailing sentiment behind advertising was ‘more is more.’ This meant a lot of text-based, flashy adverts that were common back then. In 2020, their branding is now much more minimalistic, adhering to the current trend of ‘less is more.’

Who knows what will trend in the future? Perhaps we’ll see trends of retrofuturism, like 1980s-inspired advertising, or maybe minimalism will continue to evolve. 

Whether your business requires a complete overhaul to branding, a redesign, a complete branding design from the ground up, or a touch-up, it’s best to consult with a professional graphic design company that specialises in commercial branding, signage, vehicle wraps, and more. Nobody has their finger on the branding like we do, after all. 

Go Graphics

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