Design Ideas: Brick Wrap Vinyl for Exposed Brick Walls

Exposed brick has a unique appeal for many shops and cafes as it feels more inviting for customers; clever vinyl wrap adhesive decals with eye-catching designs can also help showcase your brand. Today we take some inspiration from other shops that have used exposed brick to great success and point out some design ideas for your retail space.

The Versatility of Brick

Not only are exposed brick interior walls inviting, but they are also extremely versatile since they can complement just about any aesthetic, from rustic to contemporary to traditional. Consequently, exposed brick can look just as stunning in the home as it can in a retail shop.

Design Ideas: Brick Wrap Vinyl for Exposed Brick Walls 3

Inspiration: Kiehl’s Apothecaries

American cosmetics retailer Kiehl’s is one well-known major brand that uses a distinctive exposed brick wall design for all of their shop interiors, including at kiosks and merchandising stalls in larger department stores.

In keeping with their East Village Manhattan roots dating back to 1851, the choice of rustic brick grounds customers in authenticity. Whether you’re shopping in New York or at a Kiehl’s here in Australia, the look and feel is nostalgic and rustic mixed with an old-time apothecary feel (employees even wear lab coats).

How do they get their distinctive logo written in clean cursive onto the brick and shop front? In the case of Kiehl’s, the graphic is moulded directly into the brick to give the appearance of a painted wall mural. These are often called rough wrap or mural graphics in the industry, and they look stunning when planned well in advance.

Rough Wrap Uses

There are many potential uses for rough wrap on exposed brick surfaces, but most of the time they receive plenty of praise as they look like a mural or spray paint; however, no paint is used at all and thus an endless possibility for design exists.

For restaurants, rough wrap decals can add some edge or grit to the restaurant. Cafes also look fantastic with wooden accents and furniture paired with rustic brick walls, so take the opportunity to rough wrap your brand or a catchy graphic.

Another possibility is to complement an exposed brick wall and decals with neon lights. Bright lights contrasted with the brick and dim lights create a stunning look that’s hard to beat.

Do Ordinary Decals Work on Brick?

Generally speaking, no, don’t try to use decals or graphics designed for flat surfaces like glass or metal on rough surfaces like brick. Not only will you risk ruining the decal since it won’t adhere properly, but even if it does stick, it will look jarring and out of place.

Instead, request a rough wrap decal designed specifically for rough surfaces to ensure a proper fit. The best way to get creative designs done all the way from bespoke graphics on the drawing board to finished product in your retail space is to find a reputable graphic design consultancy that excels in all things signage.

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Design Ideas: Brick Wrap Vinyl for Exposed Brick Walls 4

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