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How much will my vehicle signage cost?

Look, we’re probably not the cheapest, or the most expensive. But we’re surely the best. Vehicle signage pricing varies greatly, depending on 3 main factors in the production and installation:

  • Graphic Design
  • Materials used
  • Labour

Our vehicle graphics Pricing Guide is really helpful in understanding the range of prices for various styles and vehicle types. GG-Vehicle signage price guide


What do you need from me to get a Quote on Vehicle Signage?

The more information you give us, the better we can tailor a solution to meet your needs and provide an accurate quote, so you can expect us to ask lots of questions during our consultation. Generally, we will want to know the details of your vehicle (make, model, year, body type, colour and quantity), the background of your business (industry, customers, location,) and your initial ideas and expectations (existing artwork, budget).


Can you work to a budget?

Sure. If you have a fixed amount or a rough idea of how much you wish to invest in signage, just let us know. We’re used to catering to a range of budgets, and with virtually all that we do being custom-built, we have room to move in the design and production of most projects. Whether you wish to spend $120 or $30,000, we will always tailor the best solution for your needs, giving you the biggest bang for your buck.


Can you design something for me?

Yep. In fact, we’d love to! Our design team has creativity coursing through their veins and leap at the chance to create new and fresh elements from scratch. Depending on your requirements, we can customise a logo, vehicle layout or complete signage solutions for you. This service is charged at a very competitive hourly rate, and we always let you know how many hours are included in your project quote. If we expect additional hours may be required, you’ll always get a heads up.


Do I need to, or can I supply the artwork?

You don’t need to supply us with artwork if you don’t have any. Our in-house graphic designers are ready to take care of this for you, starting with creating a business identity or logo initially, then using this in the overall design for your signage or vehicle graphics.

Many of our customers already have a business logo, however, they still need our help in designing the layout and finished artwork for production. That’s cool. And some of our other customers already have completed artwork files ready for us to use. No worries. Just email these through when you make your enquiry so we can ensure it’s suitable for your project.

Having a read of our Supplying Artwork information will help you to help us – so that we’re all happy and on the same page. Here’s an overview of these guidelines:

  • Logo and Design Files should be in .PDF and in VECTOR format where possible
  • Colours must be in CMYK or PMS Coated
  • All fonts MUST be converted to outlines
  • Final proofs should show artwork size and scale
  • Images must be high resolution, at least 75dpi at 100% size.


Can you show me what it’s going to look like?

Go Graphics has created literally thousands of different vehicle graphics layouts over the years so we have an extensive portfolio to showcase our work. In fact, you have most likely already seen our work out and about – you just don’t realise it. Once we’ve established your specific requirements, we handpick a selection of about six relevant examples we’ve produced that are similar to your brief and budget. Unfortunately, we can’t create artwork for free or send mock-ups with every quote. Of course as soon as you accept our proposal we’ll design and send you proofs to visualise exactly what you’re investing in. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed with our designs.


What if I don’t like your design?

We’re sure you’ll love it! That’s because it’s our job to ask all the right questions and get as much background info from you in the beginning, so that we can create artwork that delivers on your brief, with designs you’re happy with. It’s normal for most projects to go through a few revisions – this is part of the creative process – and if there’s anything you want changed, that’s cool, just discuss any feedback with our designer and we’ll revise it accordingly. It’s very rare that we can’t achieve a design that you love, but art can be subjective. If you aren’t impressed with your design we’ll openly discuss your options before moving forward with your project.


How does your design process work?

You can see an overview of our process here, but the first step is always to get a thorough design brief from you. This means you need to show and tell us what your objectives are, what content is to be included and the style or mood of your design. We want to know about colours, budget and any definite “Do-nots”. You’ll deal with our Graphic Designer directly and it can be over the phone, face to face at our studio or via email. We’re flexible and always happy to work in a way that suits you.

After this, we’ll create concept designs and send them to you via email for comment or approval. We’ll let you know throughout the revision process how many hours are spent, how the designs compare to the original budget and also guide you in regards to the style and effectiveness of the artwork. We’re open to all kinds of feedback and will work with you until you’re 100% happy with your design. We love it if you respond promptly to proofs to keep the process moving forward, and we commit to doing the same in return. Our clients are always welcome to come and sit with our designers, in fact we encourage it where possible! Our coffee is pretty awesome too ;).

Once you’re happy and have checked that all the details of your design are absolutely correct, you need to approve your design in writing by return email or signature on a hard copy. This enables us to go ahead and print your design confident that it’s spot-on.


Can you come out and install the signage at my work?

We sure can, and often do, but the best result is usually achieved inside our facility where the environment is ideal and we have all our equipment and materials at hand. As a general rule all vehicle graphics jobs are installed at our place, but if bringing it in is not possible we can make it happen elsewhere.


How long does the process take and how long will you need my car for?

A simple job can be carried from concept to completion in as little as 3 working days (pretty cool, huh?), whereas a more complex vehicle wrap project takes around two weeks from Go to Woah. For projects that are being designed by our in-house team, first we have to work with you to get the design approved. Our team will always get started within a couple of days. The duration of the design phase will vary depending on your feedback and revisions, but once approved we can usually book you in for installation within 1 week. For anything less than a full wrap, we only need your vehicle for one day. Full wraps will need to be in at for at least 48 hours. Our facility is fully secure and your vehicle will be locked indoors overnight.


What type of vinyl do you guys use?

Go Graphics prefers Avery Dennison graphics products. We use premium vehicle grade vinyl, pre-coloured cut–vinyl and digitally printed cast films with clear overlaminate. When it comes to windows we choose Clear Focus Autoview with Opticlear gloss laminate; to be sure it meets road legal light-transmittance. All of these products are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and our installations are fully guaranteed for 12 months. In fact, our team is trained and accredited by Avery Dennison.


Will it damage my car? Can the graphics be removed so I can sell my car in the future?

Good news! Neither the vinyl nor our application techniques will cause any damage to your car’s paint. The truth is, vinyl applied to the car will actually protect the paint from Mother Nature’s elements. Proper vehicle-grade vinyl is fully removable within its lifespan (up to 5 years) and the paint underneath will be as it was previously! What we do find with cut-vinyl lettering is that an impression can remain after removal because the surrounding paint has deteriorated slightly. All that’s usually required in this case is a professional buff and polish.


Will the vinyl hide scratches, dents or faded paint on my car?

We wish! Sadly, no. Vinyl is not a good alternative to traditional panel repair methods. Our films are very thin, only about 80microns, which means that grooves and bumps underneath it will still be visible once the vinyl is applied, although it is true that a patterned design will distract the eye from an uneven surface. The other important thing to note is that the vinyl will not stay adhered to a surface that is not sound. That means if the paint is cracked and peeling or faded, chalky or flaking off, then the vinyl will not stay on the car. We don’t advise and certainly don’t warrant applications where the surface is not up to scratch – pardon the pun!


When can I book my car in?

As soon as your design is approved, we pre-press the files and pass the project on to our Production Manager. His first job is to make sure all the necessary materials are available and on-hand, then he’ll contact to you to schedule an installation date and time that suits us both. If you have a deadline or preferred date in mind, please just let our team know at any stage and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.


What do you need me to do to my car before I bring it in?

It’s really helpful if you have cleaned the vehicle on the day prior to installation and by that we only mean a simple detergent and water clean, nothing fancy. Do check that your paintwork is all sound (no flaky or chalky paint). Our guys will carry out the final cleaning step with the appropriate solvents before applying your graphics.


Do you guys do removals + how much will that cost?

Our installers are certainly very good at removing vinyl from vehicles and we do a lot of it! It’s tricky to quote a fixed price, however, as the time required varies greatly for different vehicles. We charge our standard hourly rate for this service. You can always have a go at DIY removal – it’s not rocket science but can be time consuming if you’re not experienced. Just search You Tube if you want a demo before giving it a go, or contact our office to book it in for professional removal.


Do you keep my Designs on file for future? Who owns the designs?

Absolutely, forever! We have a database full of every layout we’ve ever installed. We’ll keep your new artwork securely filed away too so if you need another one rolled out or have it adapted to a new vehicle, it’s no problem. As the client, you own the rights to the designs once you have paid for the work to be done. However, Go Graphics will retain ownership of all pre-press files (production files) so we don’t pass these onto our customers unless a fee is negotiated.


How long does the signage last? And how should I take care of the graphics once they are on the car?

We’d love to give you a precise answer, but the reality is, it’s impossible to state exactly how long you can expect the vinyl to last on your vehicle. In our experience we find that your graphics should still be looking fresh and bold for anything up to 5 years, and in some cases much longer. It really depends on a variety of factors, such as how you use the car, where you park it during the day and overnight, and how you clean the vehicle. One important note here is that any graphics applied to a horizontal surface, such as the bonnet or roof, will not last as long as the sides (2 years max). This is due to a combination of the sun’s UV rays impacting more directly and the constant gathering of pollutants and moisture (dew) from the atmosphere which degrades the vinyl.

We offer useful tips on after-care, maintenance, and prolonging the life of your vehicle signage here.