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Break Your Time, Emanuel Pinzone
About Emanuel…he comes from a small village in Sicily, he says “he is a simple person”. He likes to travel and in one of his trips he landed here in Western Australia. Emanuel says “he felt, straight away, a strong attraction/connection with all the surroundings”. He mentioned that Australia has a strange and strong power that he can simply feel this energy. He likes to go for a run, walk, swim or just sit on the beach and listen to the ocean, O’ Connor beach (The dogs beach is his spot, he loves it!) …Emanuel says, “for the future I don’t know…definitely more trips and challenges”…

About his business “Break Your Time”
Emanuel was running on the beach and his mind was flying, as always, but this time he thought to realize a small restaurant in the back of a utility with the main purpose to share his time with other people having fun and of course enjoying the food too.  So he then started to draw and set up this vehicle equipped with a kitchen on the back and a coffee machine! Now it is on the road!
The idea he says “is to cook on the street, on the way, or come to your place or any other place for your personal or work function, to enjoy the company and the atmosphere”.

Go Graphics has had the pleasure to work with Emanuel to make his dream become a reality.
We’ve even had him come and feed us on occasion.

So if you’re looking for some catering for a luncheon, a staff party or just some easy food

Contact Emanuel at Break Your Time
Ph. 0466 375 920 or E. pinzone.emanuel@yahoo.it


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