How Vehicle Wraps Can Support Your Business During COVID-19

As a business owner, you know it’s critical to stand out and make an impression as much as you can. The quality and relevance of your businesses signage makes a significant imprint on customers and says a lot about your business too. 

Vehicle wraps and decals are a powerful marketing and branding tool for businesses. During the days of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever before to let people know you’re still operational and open for business, and customised vehicle graphics can help you achieve just that. Read on for our four key advantages of investing in vehicle wraps to support your business during COVID-19.

1. Ensures people know you’re open for business.

What’s happening, both in Australia and globally right now, are unprecedented circumstances, and as a result of government health and safety restrictions, many businesses have been forced to either close or change the way they operate. The closure of non-essential services in WA has generated consumer confusion and apprehension, with customers unaware of how their local faves and trusted go-to brands are now operating. With your custom wrapped business vehicles out and about on the road during a time like this, you’re helping to not only boost brand awareness, but show potential customers that you’re still operating ‘business as usual’, with your product or service still available to service the market in the way in which it’s intended. Whether you’re a gardner, plumber, mobile pet groomer or other, show the people that your show must go on!

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2. Reach a broad and unique audience.

With restrictions in place for leaving the home during COVID-19, more people than ever are taking advantage of the ability to get out for a daily walk or workout. If you too have been enjoying your daily ‘passeggiata’ (the Italian word for walk, because doesn’t it make it sound that much better?) then you would notice the masses out and about in the neighbourhoods at the moment. This is your time! With all those extra eyeballs, you have a chance to increase your daily exposure and impressions, so make sure your vehicle wraps are ready to catch the right kind of attention. 

Put the odds in your favour. With fewer cars on the road, make your business the one that stands out! We are still lucky enough to leave our homes for essentials like work, food shopping, medical appointments, and most recently, small social gatherings, so a professionally wrapped vehicle sitting in traffic is exactly where you want to be right now. Don’t forget to park your vehicles in key parking spots, both during the day and at home overnight. This will ensure your wrap is working for you 24/7, even catching attention from passersby as you enjoy a Tuesday night puzzle (or Netflix binge).

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3. It’s Economical Marketing!

As our economy is hit with the impacts of COVID-19, many businesses are doing it tough, resulting in cost cutting and the stripping back of expenses just to stay afloat. The good news is, unlike almost any other form of marketing you could invest in, car wraps are an economical, once off cost that will continue to generate business for YEARS to come!

As opposed to other traditional forms of outdoor marketing, such as billboards or bus stops, your car wrap will not expire. Investing in a one off cost will ensure you longevity of a consistent and quality marketing strategy, that time and time again, we have seen work for both us and the clients we have wrapped for. The cost of a custom vehicle wrap is by far cheaper than ongoing print and digital marketing campaigns, and is guaranteed to work for you, 24/7, 365 days a year. They are one of your best, most cost-effective marketing tools throughout this crisis.

4. Advertising that isn’t aggressive

Currently, our TV’s, radios, newspapers, social media feeds and daily conversations have been taken over with constant newsflow relative to the current COVID-19 crisis. As users, we are being completely bombarded on the daily, with overwhelming data and information, and it’s no wonder we continue to search for methods to mindfulness and relaxation! Translated into the world of advertising, your customers are in a highly sensitive place, and certainly don’t want to be overwhelmed with aggressive marketing tactics. Keep it simple, keep it classy. Vehicle wraps tell your customers exactly what they need to know, minus the ‘flash sales’ or annoying jingles. 

Striking, engaging and appealing vehicle wraps will always prove to have a positive effect on potential customers, and you’ll come out on top with this method every time.

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To make the best, cost-effective marketing decision for your business during COVID-19, get in touch with our team and let’s discuss the ways in which wrapping your car with Go Graphics can help you generate business to weather the storm.