10 Offline Marketing Ideas For Your Business

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While online marketing is now a necessity for most businesses, it should never come at the cost of doing away altogether with traditional, direct marketing. There’s a war going on to attract the eyes and attention of your clients, so any offline marketing can reach them when their eyes aren’t glued to their phones. Here are 10 offline marketing ideas for your business.

1. Custom Signage

If you’re a successful business owner or aspiring to be one, you likely already understand the value you can create through effective branding. Creating a lasting impression on customers involves staying true and authentic to the brand of your business, and custom signage can achieve this.
Big corporations tend to spend upwards of millions of dollars in redesigning seemingly simple aspects of their branding, such as their logo, slogans, and signage, but you don’t have to. Contact Go Graphics and let us create custom signage for your shop or office that will draw customers in and keep current customers remembering you and your brand.

2. Illuminated Signs

Ever since the adoption of the light bulb and increasingly so today, people are on the go regardless of whether the sun’s out or if it’s set hours ago. That means you’ll need a way to alert customers of your business day and night, and illuminated signage is an ideal way to achieve this.

Don’t fret too much about the cost of electricity, either. New, energy-efficient lighting solutions such as LED lights allow illuminated signs to be more vibrant and customisable than ever before. Whether you operate in the wee hours of the morning or your staff have all gone home, use bright, illuminated signage to get your brand out there to passersby.

After all, there are 24 hours in each day, so why not optimise your signage to work for you the whole time? 



3. Vehicle Advertising

You’ve likely already seen plenty of work vehicles painted in company colours and complete with the logo, opening hours, or contact information for one of many businesses. Car and vehicle signage is an effective form of marketing as vehicles can make for great canvas opportunities. They’ll either be surrounded by other vehicles at the stoplight or catch the attention of pedestrians whilst parked.

4. Stationery

A tried and true method of marketing without spending a fortune is through procuring office stationery such as pens, portfolios, notepads, and sticky notepads with your company logo and contact details. These tend to work well since you’re providing people with materials that they’ll use frequently and share with others.

5. Business Cards

To many, business cards seem outdated, but this isn’t true at all. Exchanging personalised business cards is still one of the most common practices in business meetings with clients from all around Australia and the world. They will never go out of style since they can now be custom-made to include all of your contact details, including LinkedIn profile, WhatsApp number, Skype ID, etc.

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6. Coupons/Vouchers

If your business does e-commerce or runs a brick-and-mortar shop where products are sold, insert coupons or vouchers into their bags to promote customer loyalty, or even better, to encourage existing customers to refer friends. Referral programmes tend to work well online, but they can work very well in real life as well.

7. Media Giveaways

Working hand-in-hand with promoters and influencers, whether online or offline, is a great way to spread brand awareness. Take care to send out curated packages to contest winners, early adopter giveaways, or long-term customers. These will include custom packaging and promotional material that showcases your brand as well as the gift contents to thank your clients and share the gratitude! With Christmas just around the corner, it’s a great time to customise some gifts to send out to your most loyal and long term clients! 

8. Large Format Printing

High-quality artwork, photographs, and illustrations are a great way to catch the eye of prospective customers both in-store or at trade shows. Large mounted prints have been shown to be more likely to attract visitors to trade show kiosks, so don’t miss this opportunity and consider including large format printing to your marketing strategy.

9. Stickers & Labels

Stickers and labels tend to cost very little, but can be powerful ways to decorate your shop or office with your logo or custom lettering. Stickers aren’t just useful for your business, however. They can also be handed out in promotional grab bags for customers to use.

10. Free-Standing Signage

If your business is located in a strip mall or has its shop or office located a significant distance from the nearest roadside kerb, it won’t matter how flashy your signage is if nobody can see it from the road. That’s why free-standing signage is so important. For businesses working in a communal shopping centre or industrial park, you’ve also got to compete against other businesses such that your sign stands out from the pack.

Whether any of the above has got your creative thoughts raring, or if you want to discuss other options for your business, contact us, Go Graphics Perth, to get started. If you can dream it, we can do it!