4 Key Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle vinyl wraps can last for around 5-7 years when professionally installed, but they won’t even last a fraction of the time if they aren’t well cared for. The investment into vinyl wraps is one that pays off over time (and the return on investment is certainly fantastic), but why bother spending more time and more money replacing it every few years when you can simply extend the lifespan with a few easy tips?

Below are four key tips that can extend the lifespan of your vehicle wraps.

1. Choose Hand Car Washing

Vinyl wraps are durable yet fragile. While they stand up well to the elements and daily use without much of a problem at all, when it comes to jet car washing, that delicate side comes out and they’ll peel right off with ease.

Moreover, the powerful brushes commonly used in jet car washing stations, as well as the harsh chemical cleaning products, can easily scratch, peel, or fade the colour and design of your vinyl wrap.

Always choose to wash by hand, using gentle cleansers and a soft cloth, and soak up any excess moisture as the finishing touch to keep your vinyl wrap in great condition for years to come.

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2. Keep Parked in the Shade When Possible

Hot days baking under the Western Australian sun can wreak all sorts of havoc, including on vinyl wraps. Constant exposure to heat and sunlight can fade the colours over time, as well as leave your wrap baking in any environmental pollutants.

Sometimes it really can’t be helped and you’ll need to park under the sun. However, when it is possible to do so, endeavour to park in the shade to preserve the durability of your vinyl wrap. Just make sure that if you park under a tree, there aren’t any birds that need to use your car for target practice.

3. Scrub Out Stains Sooner Rather than Later

Considering the previous two points, when it comes to stains on your car, it’s best to remove them sooner rather than later. Scrub gently by buffing out the stain using gentle detergent, a microfibre cloth, and consistent movements until the stain begins to come out.

Many stains are baked in from constant exposure to the sun, so refer to point two. In terms of handwashing your vehicle, try to give it a thorough cleaning every 1-2 weeks for good measure. However, stain removal should be done as soon as you notice them, before they have time to set in.

4. Have Your Vinyl Wrap Installed Professionally

Have you ever seen how vinyl wraps are installed? It’s truly impressive and oddly satisfying to watch a professional get to work cleanly peeling and carefully fitting sections of vinyl along the ridges and contours of a car or van.

Due to the complexity of installing a car vinyl wrap cleanly, it’s probably best to leave it to the professionals. When installed professionally, vinyl wraps will last longer since they are less prone to peeling or cracking due to shoddy installation.

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