5 Clever Pub Signage Tips

Pub culture stands out as a shining example of how Australians love to socialise and enjoy their leisure time. Not only have our pubs borrowed from centuries of tradition, but the aesthetics of many Australian pubs also play an important role in creating a welcoming atmosphere to throw back our favourite drinks with good company.

That’s all fine once the patrons have walked through the front door, but enticing passersby in the first place needs creative signage. Pub signage is a specific type of commercial signage that deserves further investigation. Below are five clever pub signage tips to help bring in more happy patrons.

1. What’s in a Name?

As a pub owner, the name of the pub is extremely important, as is the way in which it is displayed. The name must clearly be visible and recognisable, as it’s what sets your establishment apart from others to passersby.

Customising the design of your pub name lettering, font, etc. has become an art form and many pub owners have gone to great lengths to create unique designs. Take plenty of time to consider various elements of your desired pub name signage, including font, colour, graphics, and even texture such as artificial weathering, wood grain, etc.

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5 Clever Pub Signage Tips 2

2. Interior Signage & Practical Information

Once customers have made their way through the door, interior signage can help direct and inform patrons to keep your business orderly and avoid any unnecessary hassle. Consider getting creative with directional signage to the restrooms, and perhaps play around with the typical symbols used for men’s and women’s restrooms.

No-smoking signs could be ordinary and universal no-smoking signs, but you could also get creative with these, as well as include your brand and colours. For patrons who do choose to smoke, it’s always helpful to give them directions to outdoor smoking patios or gardens.

3. Emergency Signage

One aspect of your pub signage that shouldn’t be left to chance is emergency signage. Avoid getting too creative with emergency exit signs and leave them as they are – standard and universally understood in the event of an emergency.

4. Promotional and Marketing Material

The three most important considerations for pub signage are: name, practical and emergency signage, and promotional and marketing material. This last one is less critical, but nevertheless important for engaging new and existing customers alike.

One of the more popular methods of promotional signage is to use portable chalkboards and to write down the daily menu, happy hour specials, or live music or entertainment. This engages passersby and brings in customers who may otherwise be undecided where to spend their hard-earned money for the day.

5. Consult an Expert in Creative Graphic Design

Whether or not you already have a great idea for pub signage or are having difficulty figuring out how to best implement it, don’t hesitate to trust a graphic designer that specialises in commercial signage to create a stunning design for your pub.

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