5 Great Restaurant Signage Tips for 2021

The hospitality industry has forever changed since 2020 and with 2021 going ahead full steam, it would appear that many restaurateurs affected by closures and lockdown restrictions have had to change their operating models as well. When it comes to signage, there are a few clever ways to increase business during these challenging times.

1. Give Customers a Reason to Come Back

Many patrons are now unaware of whether or not your particular restaurant is still open, which inevitably affects return customers and may deter new customers as well. Make it crystal clear through your signage that you are open for business (and obviously, keep your word if you are). If you use social media, alert customers that you’re still open and provide your opening hours, regardless of whether they’re the same as before or they’ve been adjusted.

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2. Work on Your Digital Marketing

Now more than ever, every restaurant should have an effective digital marketing campaign that includes social media platforms such as Instagram, an attractive website, and digital advertising such as pay-per-click and/or organic lead generation with SEO.

Customers that choose to (or are forced to) remain at home in 2020 and potentially in the future will not be paying attention to your outdoor signage. They’ll probably find your business online first, so make sure your restaurant’s brand looks attractive and sleek with easy instructions for take-away or home delivery options if you provide them.

Take for example, our friends at Roasting Warehouse South Fremantle, who have truly grasped the power of social media marketing to lure in hungry customers. Check out their Instagram page @roastingwarehousesf and just try to resist… 

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3. Emphasise Safety & Hygiene

Customers want peace of mind that your restaurant complies with food safety and hygienic standards. This was the case pre-2020, but in light of the pandemic, you should demonstrate that you go above and beyond to accommodate customers by providing a space where employees and other patrons can maintain social distancing, hand sanitiser is provided, and face coverings are worn unless the patron is exempt.

WA has made it straightforward to comply with contact tracing using their SafeWA phone app. The app also makes it easy peasy to request posters that you can affix to your windows or interior walls. Simply fill out your account details on the app and input your business address and name, and the government will mail everything to you.

Lastly, keep in mind that Google searches for ‘Is food delivery safe?’ have skyrocketed in early 2021. Any messaging that assuages the fear of food delivery and germs will go a long way to promoting good, safe business practices.

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4. Offer Customers Incentives

There’s a lot of fierce competition amongst restaurateurs in 2021. To be fair, the industry has always been competitive and profit margins tend to be uncomfortably slim, so any marginal advantage to get customers through the front door should be considered.

Why not offer discounts for home delivery or vouchers for return customers, such as loyalty cards? If you’re a small local business and not a large franchise, consider emphasising the fact that you’re a local business. Many Australians will be far more willing to support local businesses during these difficult times, so don’t be afraid to advertise this fact.

5. Remain Flexible

Lastly, keep a finger on the pulse of COVID-19 updates. Nobody knows what will happen in WA this year. Will we ever experience what Victoria did in 2020? Unfortunately, many businesses have closed their doors forever. Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, as the saying goes. But also consider plans for adjusting your business model, such as offering food truck services in the event of full closure of your business property.

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