5 Practical Reasons Trades and Builders Benefit from Vehicle Wraps

There’s no denying that with the current situation our already digitalised world has only gone more digital, and that matters a lot for tradespeople looking to stand out from the crowd and attract new business in these trying times.

Vehicle wraps have skyrocketed in demand in 2020, following their own successful trend from a few decades ago. Here are five reasons why tradespeople and builders benefit from high-quality, custom-designed vehicle wraps:

1. Always Seen, Always Noticed

Whether you’re parked on the street working on a roof, or driving down the motorway to or from a plumbing job, your vehicle is a canvas for essentially free marketing anywhere you go. Your vehicle will gather thousands of impressions on any given day, so why not make each impression count by quickly relaying to drivers and passersby your brand and contact information?

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5 Practical Reasons Trades and Builders Benefit from Vehicle Wraps 4

2. Cost-Effective Marketing

Paying for ad space in your local classifieds, radio, or television can be effective, but these ads can quickly chew away at your profitability without seeing any noticeable return. Also consider that traditional advertising is an ongoing expenditure. Every square centimetre of the local newspaper or every second of radio advertising has a cost, one which diminishes over time.

Vehicle wraps will last years when well-maintained, meaning that the only real cost is designing and installing vinyl vehicle wraps in the first place. When you consider that your vehicle is always on the road or parked at a job site, the initial cost pays itself off extremely well, making it a sensible choice.

3. You’ve Already Got an Ideal Canvas (Your Vehicle!)

Most tradies and builders use vans or pickup trucks with plenty of space ripe for advertising, so why not put it to good use and develop a design that showcases your brand to potential clients?

Vans and trucks simply occupy more space, space which can be put to good use with an eye-catching design or graphic. Make good use of your vehicle wrap by incorporating your contact details, social media, website, and more in a clear, presentable format.

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4. Build Your Brand Identity

Many new construction companies and tradespeople looking to make a name for themselves amidst their competition, speak highly of vehicle wraps. It isn’t anything new; it just works. A beautiful design can leave a lasting impact on customers, so use the opportunity to build your brand around your design by using colour contrasts, textures, and graphics that help customers easily recognise your vehicle upon arriving at the job site.

5. Endlessly Versatile

You’ve always got the option of painting your vehicle, but paint has its drawbacks and is inferior to vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps surpass paint because the options are pretty much endless. If your company is rebranding or you’ve changed your logo, for example, you can simply remove the vinyl wrap and replace it with a newer one. All of the underlying paint on your vehicle is left intact, which also means it will better preserve its resale value should you decide to sell it later on.

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Go Graphics

Perth’s premier choice of vinyl wrap designers for vehicles and vehicle fleets is Go Graphics. Get in touch with us today if you’d like to enquire about our creative designs for tradies and builders.