5 Signage Tips for Real Estate and Property Management Companies

Real estate and property management has one great advantage when it comes to marketing: the property itself is what attracts buyers or tenants. Nevertheless, snapping fantastic photos that showcase the beauty of the home’s interior and exterior are commonly-used marketing tactics that can increase sales. Signage is equally important, since a home without signage, well, we can just assume that it isn’t for sale or rent at all! Get the most of your signage with the following five tips:

1. The More, The Merrier

When it comes to listing a home, prospective buyers should have no difficulty identifying the real estate agent or agency handling the sale of the home. One clear sign may suffice provided that it’s visible at all approachable angles, but a better bet is to diversify your ability to connect with homebuyers with signage along front of the property. More signage (but not too much) is a good bet to remind buyers that the next step is getting in touch with you.

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2. Keep it Simple, Silly

The KISS method applies to a heck of a lot, but it’s especially important for real estate signage on listed homes and properties. Prospective buyers or tenants are going to be spending time looking at the property itself to come up with a decision whether to buy, lease, or rent the property, so design your signage in such a way that it provides them with little more than your name or the agency’s name and contact details.

3. Close the Gap

The purpose of your real estate signage is to help prospective buyers or tenants to get in touch with you to make that critical next step. Considering the previous tip, you’ll want to keep this simple and to the point. Provide them with contact details and avoid going overboard with details on the property. Once you’ve got them on the phone, you’re in a great position to give them a much better impression and to answer their enquiries whilst potentially closing in on a sale or a tenancy agreement.

4. Use a Listing Reference Code

If your real estate agency or property management company looks after multiple properties, you’ll want to have a way to keep them organised so that you can provide better information to prospective buyers or tenants. Use a listing reference to differentiate between your properties and also to help homebuyers get more information online (or over the telephone, as mentioned above) with features such as QR codes, which don’t detract from the purpose of the sign but rather add context by providing relevant information on the property.

5. Use a Reputable Graphic Designer

Whether you’d like to increase your brand appeal or adopt modern fonts or lettering that matches the character and appeal of your properties on the market; your first choice should be a reputable graphic design agency that specialises in signage. Not only can you go through design choices and choose one that appeals to you, but you can also rest assured that your properties will stand out from the pack.

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