5 Vehicle Signage Ideas that Generate Leads

Your vehicle fleet says a lot about your business, or at least it should. But you’ll want to ensure that it’s conveying the right kind of message to potential clients. Lead generation can convert to increased sales, but it often involves frequent payments for traditional advertising. Vehicle signage is an effective way of generating leads that can yield the desired results, but it’s important to take note of vehicle signage ideas that actually work and attract new customers in the first place. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Lighthearted Humour

Many business owners err on the side of caution when it comes to showcasing their vehicle signage, and that’s often alright. Being too cautious, however, can come across as boring and common. Sure, a company logo, graphic, and some contact information can be effective, but a catchy slogan or a tagline is often far easier to recall and it may have customers sharing what they’ve seen by word of mouth. When in doubt, ask a creative designer to help come up with some catchy designs that can add the right amount of humour to your vehicle signage.

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5 Vehicle Signage Ideas that Generate Leads 3

2. Add QR Codes to Vehicle Signage

More and more of our daily lives is being consumed by time spent on mobile phones, and QR codes are a great way to integrate technology and to pack more information for curious passersby that you can’t reasonably fit on your vehicle. Take for example a restaurant business. Your vehicle may have your logo, a picture of some tasty food, and the name of your business. Why not integrate your restaurant’s menu in a QR code so customers can easily see what’s for dinner tonight? Any business with an online presence can take advantage by listing their services or products through QR codes.

3. Use Calls to Action

A clever call to action is almost always effective, and vehicle signage is a great place to add one. If you offer deals or promotions, consider adding a tagline such as “mention this vehicle and save 20% on your next plumbing inspection,” for example. This incentivises people to remember seeing your vehicle and gives them a reason to call you before they call the competition.

4. Go Light on Photographs

A picture can say a thousand words, but vehicle signage is best left for promoting your business and your brand. Branding involves more than the logo and name; colour palettes, patterns, and font choices all convey a lot about your business and give it character. If you insist on using a photograph, keep it simple and ensure that it fits your brand perfectly. Otherwise, skip the photos and stick with something simpler but cleaner.

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5 Vehicle Signage Ideas that Generate Leads 4

5. Keep it Short and Sweet

A vehicle is a large canvas on which you can put a substantial amount of information. That doesn’t mean you should go overboard, however. Remember that many people will be looking at your vehicle from a distance, so cramming opening hours and paragraphs of text onto your vehicle will only look cluttered and confusing. Instead, choose simple and concise and let the colours and design speak about your brand.

Get Creative at Go Graphics

Whether you’ve got a solid idea in mind already and would like to see it come to life or would like some creative assistance in creating an eye-catching design, get in touch with the vehicle signage experts at Go Graphics in Perth. Enquire about our services and see for yourself how we can generate leads for your business with our high-quality decals and vehicle signage.