Bigger is Sometimes Better: 5 Industrial Signage Tips

Every good industrial office, warehouse, or manufacturing site needs adequate outdoor signage. On top of notifying site visitors that they’re where they’re supposed to be, outdoor signage should showcase your brand as a reputable and professional place to do business with in the first place. Below are five industrial signage tips that can help your industrial business thrive and get noticed.

1. Think of Where Industrial Sites & Offices are Located

If your industrial plant or office is located on the periphery of an urban area, chances are you’ll be gaining a lot more traction by having oversized signage that appeals to motorists rather than foot traffic. Keep in mind that drivers are already inundated with signage and billboards on the side of the road, so standing out is essential.

2. Blend Your Brand with Your Signage

A big part of standing out from the competition has to do with how memorable your signage is. That’s why simple logos and branding often tend to be more successful than overly verbose or complicated signage, which only distracts without leaving a lasting impression.

Choose your colours, fonts, and content carefully. All that’s needed for most industrial businesses is your company’s name and logo, but sometimes a telephone number or slogan underneath are also appropriate, depending on your preferences and the type of information you are looking to convey.

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Bigger is Sometimes Better: 5 Industrial Signage Tips 3

3. Use Size to Your Advantage

As mentioned, industrial sites have the benefit of typically being located in less dense areas, which means that you can really use size to your advantage. Without the constraints of smaller spaces, you can feel free to experiment with oversized signage.

Bigger signs get noticed simply because they take up more visual real estate than smaller signs, so don’t hesitate to opt for large exterior signage that is visible from afar.

4. Play with Various Formats

Large, oversized exterior signage is a great option for many industrial plants and offices, but you should also consider other formats available to really showcase your business and your brand.

For example, fabricated freestanding signs located on the edges of the property line adjacent to the road are a great way to notify motorists as they approach an entrance. Router-cut and 3D signage can look fantastic by offering a textured visual effect. Illuminated signage is also an important consideration; light up your signage so that it can be seen at night or on cloudy days.

5. Look for a Designer That Delivers Results

When it comes to producing industrial signage that is both effective and built to your satisfaction, it’s essential that you find a designer familiar with the industry and experienced at producing effective signage.

Go Graphics is your top choice in Perth for high-quality exterior and interior industrial signage, including safety signage and directional signage. We have worked with a number of industrial clients who have chosen Go Graphics for our professional, bespoke approach to quality, eye-catching signage.

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Bigger is Sometimes Better: 5 Industrial Signage Tips 4

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