Bus Signage Goes Wild for Rottnest Express

Bus Signage - Rottnest Express-1

Bus Signage for a New Tour Coach

We had the pleasure of recently completing some bus signage for Rottnest Express on a brand new tour coach.

Just like the name suggests, Rottnest Express, offers the fastest way to get to and around Rottnest Island in Western Australia.

Did you know that Rottnest Express offers amazing wildlife encounters on a tour bus once you are on the island, too?

In the comfort and relaxation of an air-conditioned bus, you can do a complete tour of the island. It’s a perfect way to see as much of Rottnest Island as possible in one day.

We’re signing up this summer!

Wrapping the New Tour Bus

The first step was for the design team to create and finesse the design, and get final sign off.  Then we were ready to wrap.

We use the highest quality computer-cut vinyl and digital print media for our vehicle wraps.

First we print the vinyl material and let it dry overnight. Then it’s all about the application on the bus.  It’s a big tall vehicle, so takes longer than the average car wrap!

It took the team 3 days to complete this bus signage project once we had the tour bus in the workshop.

We took delivery the new bus and gave it back to Rottnest Express all beautifully wrapped and ready for spectacular island tours!

Island Wildlife Included

We love all the wildlife that has been included on this bus wrap. Do you agree this is pretty amazing bus signage?

If you are heading over to Rottnest in the near future, keep your eyes peeled for this beauty. And chances are, you’ll probably also meet the wildlife in person. Definitely a quokka or two.

Check in with our friends at Rottnest Express for more information on island tours.


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