Go Tradies: Funny, Unique, and Eye-Catching Tradespeople Signage Ideas

The whole point of tradie signage is to get people to take notice and give you a ring, right? How you achieve this depends on your personal preference, so whether it’s to arouse laughter, to stand on a strong, reputable and traditional brand image, or to stand out from the crowd with something truly unique is all up to you.

Below are some ideas to consider for tradie signage, but remember the sky is really the limit, so bring your ideas into Go Graphics and we’ll bring them to life.

Turn Heads with Clever Colour and Font Choices

2021 is a year of optimism mixed with a need for strength and resilience. At least this is Pantone’s point of view, considering they declared Illuminating (a soft yet vibrant yellow) and Ultimate Grey as their colours of the year for 2021.

Vibrant colours attract the eye more than shades or tones, which is why traffic lights use yellow as a critical decision colour rather than grey or brown. Turn heads with optimistic, sunny colours such as the yellow pictured below blended with a nicely contrasting red for a simple yet effective aesthetic. Note that the font is large and clear, giving customers the right information in an easy-to-read format.

Go Tradies: Funny, Unique, and Eye-Catching Tradespeople Signage Ideas 4

Inject a Dose of Humour

There are plenty of examples of humour in tradie vehicle wraps and signage, many of which are perhaps a little vulgar (think crude yet funny potty humour or decals of people sitting on the toilet, as pictured below). In any case, you can choose to go with something a little less vulgar yet still funny if you so desire – the world is your oyster.

The point of humour in signage and vehicle wraps is, obviously, to get a chuckle or two and draw attention to the sign or vehicle. For this reason, it’s important to have a follow-up that’s simple and straight to the point. Give potential leads and customers a simple brand name, image, and contact information to fully capture their attention.

Go Tradies: Funny, Unique, and Eye-Catching Tradespeople Signage Ideas 5

Unique vs Traditional Signage

One of the most important considerations you can make regarding tradie signage is whether you should stick with what’s safe but risk coming across as flat or boring, or whether you should rock the boat a little with something truly unique.

The right answer is always ‘it depends.’ It depends on your business and the brand you wish to convey, but you’ll be glad to know that a reputable graphic design company will be able to competently handle either choice.

For truly unique designs, consult a graphic designer and explain to them the brand image that you want to evoke. It’s a good idea to help direct them with your preferred colours, fonts, and graphics if you have already decided on those core elements.

Otherwise, traditional, safe signage that clearly communicates your brand is also a great choice. The below image is clean and straight to the point. No dilly-dallying with small fonts and unnecessary information, just a clean company name, what they do, and essential contact information. 

Go Tradies: Funny, Unique, and Eye-Catching Tradespeople Signage Ideas 6

Go Graphics

The options are endless in terms of tradie signage potential, so come into Go Graphics and enquire about our services and we’ll help your business generate new leads.