Hospitality and COVID-19: 5 Ways To Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Most industries have already been hit hard by the lockdown orders in Australia, but perhaps the hospitality industry is feeling it most where it really hurts – the bottom line. Many restaurants and hotels have little choice but to close down or to reduce operating hours, and with social distancing requirements in place, nobody should expect to be doing business in the same manner as they were prior to the outbreak. However, the show must go on, and we all must continue to find strategies and solutions to keep our businesses running. Check out our five ways to keep your customers coming back to your business during the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Use Attractive Vehicle Signage

With less drivers on the roads currently, there are two ways to look at vehicle signage. Firstly, there’s far less competition to be seen! You won’t be competing in congested traffic with numerous competitors for a brief second of attention. Instead, your bold and engaging vehicle signage has a chance to really shine, capturing the undivided attention of those potential customers who are still out and about.

Secondly, let’s take a moment to remember where the extra drivers currently are… At home, enjoying the benefits and freedom of daily walks and work outs in your local neighbourhoods! This means all eyes on your vehicle wrap, whether it’s being driven through or parked up for the day. 

To ensure optimal attention, we recommend bold, clear and creative designs with easy to read details. Choose fonts and sizes that can even be seen from neighbouring homes and by passersby on foot. Vehicle signage is an especially great solution to hospitality businesses who find themselves with far more deliveries and home food services than ever before.

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2. Diversify Your Business Signage

As with the above point on vehicle signage, your business location will likely have to adapt as well. If your business relies on bringing customers in, all of your strategies which feature signage indoors are suddenly less effective if you’re now required to serve take-away or delivery only. Consider A-frames or exterior print signage that signals to passersby that your business is open and serving customers at a time when many have shut their doors. And even more importantly, at a time when customers are on the hunt for good coffee and quality take away meals. 

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3. Use the Time to Generate New Leads

At a time like this, we already know we are spending far more time online and on social media to pass the time in isolation. Many users are turning to social platforms, apps  and Google searches to source their meals, shopping orders and daily goods, which means online is exactly where you need to be! Use this time to identify additional key platforms and ways in which you can get your business in front of new clients. Pay extra attention to your online presence, and use your platforms to communicate how your business is operating during COVID-19. Share details about opening hours, health and safety practices, take away menu items or delivery services. It may sound small, but maintaining consistent communication and utilising platforms you may have not used before could really help to generate new leads and loyal customers.

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4. Offer Take-Away

Keeping a restaurant business in operation during the coronavirus pandemic naturally requires a lot of adjustments. If your kitchen is still open but the dining area is closed, it may be possible to still welcome customers to your front door for take-away service. Whether you allow them only to the front door or to a service window will depend on many safety and hygienic factors in order to maintain social distancing and to avoid having customers and employees touching too many surfaces. In any case, advertise this service to customers if you intend on keeping your doors open.

5. Offer Home Delivery Service

With table service unavailable due to social distancing requirements, most restaurants that are able to offer delivery service can thrive during these difficult times with a simple adjustment of services and processes. Make it clear to customers that your business delivers, and provide them with reliable information such as estimated delivery times, areas of service, hours of operation, and delivery fees (if applicable). Naturally, online advertising can reach out to customers well in this regard but don’t neglect the power that vehicle and exterior signage can have on alerting current (and new) customers that you’re able to deliver, especially if it was not part of your business structure prior to COVID-19.

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Design Attractive Signage With Go Graphics

Effective business and vehicle signage is essential in normal times and perhaps even more so now. If you’re in the hospitality industry, help maintain your business and keep customers coming back by implementing some (or all) of our recommended strategies for COVID-19, and let our team of experts at Go Graphics Perth help you with the visuals to support. Contact us today to find out how we can best help your business succeed now and in the future.