How Effective is Commercial Signage?

In brief, commercial signage is only as effective as you make it. That’s an awfully vague answer, but consider that signage plays upon psychology, impulses, and other minutiae like brand recognition and the ability to recall the advert.

In the case of digital signage, effective adverts can increase brand awareness by as much as 47.7 percent, while average purchase amount can go up by 30 percent. But the operative word here is “can.” This means that a lot of commercial signage falls of deaf ears (or eyes, as it were) whilst others continue to draw in consumers at high rates, even with all of the constant bombardment your average customer experiences.

Relevant Signage to Your Customers

Relevance is one of the most important factors when looking for signage that leaves impressions. Your signage should always convey the right message to the right people at the right time. This isn’t a “two out of three ain’t bad” but rather all three must be communicated effectively to really see meaningful signage convert into leads and sales.

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Pushy Signage Pushes Customers Away

One thing has been clear in recent decades: pushy, aggressive adverts don’t work like they used to (and even when they did, by how much is debatable). Commercial signage may, for example, want to draw in customers from outside of a physical retail location, but it may also entice consumers to modify their purchasing habits once inside as well. Signage should therefore be relevant, as mentioned, for the purpose, the audience, and the timing.

Instead, simple advertising with commercial signage is the way to go. It’s no mystery why Apple and other world-class retailers go for the “less is more” approach – it can work wonders. With so much competing signage about and the average consumer’s level of desensitisation towards advertising, keep it simple silly (KISS) stands out and is certainly worth considering for your business.

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Define Your Objective

To make your commercial signage, you’ll need to have both an objective as well as a target audience in mind. For the former, consider what your business does best. Whether you know this qualitatively or quantitatively through sales figures or other relevant KPIs, emphasise your product or service that caters to what your customers already want or expect from your business.

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For example, a roofer in Perth that’s worked on a few particularly noteworthy roofs would do well to showcase that work as a background graphic. Consumers may have seen that roof before on the morning commute, and when they see it on your work vehicle as the background graphic there’s an immediate connection between your roofing company and a quality piece of work that you’ve done.

Know Your Audience

Understanding audiences and audience segments is essential today as it was yesteryear, so it’s always a critical consideration with regards to commercial signage. If your customers tend to be of a certain demographic, say, women aged 30-45, perhaps you’ll want to choose signage that appeals to consumers with a little more disposable income than, say, unemployed men in their early 20’s.

With digital analytics widely available to businesses these days, you could use your online demographics as a sort of proxy for foot traffic as well. This means that your digital marketing efforts can sometimes translate into commercial signage efforts, as well.

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