How Effective is Vehicle Advertising?

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How Effective is Vehicle Advertising? 3

Advertising is critical to the success of a business, but traditional ways of advertising are changing drastically. With fewer and fewer people watching television and consuming print materials such as newspapers, how can a business market itself effectively? 

Vehicle advertising is nothing new, but it’s gaining continual popularity for many reasons. Below, we’ve touched on just some of the ways in which vehicle advertising is an effective and practical choice for business owners.

1. Generate Leads, Boost Sales

If your company vehicle is on a busy road and gathering thousands of impressions per day, there’s little doubt that you’ll be receiving more calls and emails from leads. More leads, more business, more money. Even if one considers the “1% rule,” whereby one in a hundred impressions turn into a lead, that can amount to over 30 new potential leads every day, depending on where your vehicle is taking you. There’s a reason why big companies have been using impactful vehicle advertising for decades; it works extremely well!

2. It’s Incredibly Cost-Efficient

Most traditional forms of advertising can be quite cost-prohibitive. A television advert during prime time can cost thousands of dollars and there’s no guarantee it’ll break even. Furthermore, a single television advert expires; ongoing costs accrue over time if you want continual exposure. Vehicle advertising is installed once and can last for years, especially with the proper maintenance. Due to the high-quality materials used in vehicle signage and considering that it constantly performs its function of advertising, 24/7, its costs are negligible and the benefits far outweigh the cost of installation, with our spot graphics starting from just $300! 

3. Vehicle Advertising Gets Attention

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How Effective is Vehicle Advertising? 4

Several studies confirm that vehicle advertising really works. Around 98% of drivers and passengers in an American study on billboard advertising noticed vehicle advertisements (Web Node). Hopefully, the remaining 2% were paying attention to their surroundings! 

Of the signs that were noticed, a substantial 91% of drivers and passengers noticed text and graphics. This means that while colours attract attention, text and graphics get impressions. Lastly, it’s estimated that a single wrapped vehicle can attract anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day. The numbers speak volumes about getting attention. Whether you’re on the motorway or parked somewhere that gets a lot of roadside and pedestrian traffic, people notice vehicle advertising.

4. People Remember You

Nearly half of all respondents in one study found that vehicle advertising was memorable. Consider how a lot of business marketing is going online and is being consumed via advertisements on our phones, computers, etc. People are being bombarded with adverts all day online, so it’s a difficult space to compete in. 

Vehicle advertising is on the road, where drivers ought to be looking in any case. It’s also assuredly local since the vehicle is passing through or doing business in that town or city. People may value a local business far moreover one they’ve never heard of online.

5. It Looks Great

Vehicles are a blank canvas on which you can design the colours, fonts, and graphics that best showcase your business and what you do. If you have to commute or drive for work, why not use that opportunity to get your company name out there? Designs don’t need to be complicated, either. Simple colours, a telephone number and/or email address, and the name of your company proudly displayed can make a big difference.

Grab Attention with Vehicle Advertising from Go Graphics

Vehicle advertising has so many benefits, but it’s not a DIY project. Get in touch with Go Graphics in Perth to find out how we can help you design your ideal wrapping that can bring in business and look great for years to come.