Our Statement On Safety

Recently we have become aware of an image on social media which portrays two of our valued and long standing team members acting in a manner which does not comply with Go Graphics’ Occupational Health and Safety policy, which is in line with industry standard health and safety measures. 

For almost 18 years in business as Go Graphics, our priority and focus has always been on the health and safety of our team, our clients, and the public around us. We can proudly say that we have remained incident-free over these years, and we actively seek to continue the conversation around safety across every facet of our day to day work. 

We work with a variety of industry professionals who help to train and upskill our team in the best health and safety practices.

Our experienced installers made an on the spot decision that clearly disregards our strict safety guidelines. 

We will continue with our commitment to a safe work environment for all. We appreciate all of the support and loyalty expressed by our clients, peers and friends over the past week.