Perth Signage Business Reworked by Design Theory

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Interior Design Makeover for our Perth signage business

The project brief was to give our little Perth signage business, a big office environment upgrade.

We called on the talented team from Design Theory last year.

Design Theory are a local design firm. They are ‘refreshingly clever and meticulously detailed’ when it comes to interior spaces.

Office Space

Our main office is located in a business strip. It’s an old industrial setting in South Fremantle.

We’ve been here for more than 15 years. Our work environment was tired and the years of toil were telling.

Workplace Spruce Up
The new interior was designed around an idea to “bring a bit of cafe culture to work every day”.

The new layout enables team members and our visitors to migrate through the space throughout the day.

The floorplan and fitout effortlessly support our work activity and client meetings. It really is a joy to be at work.

This was a sustainable build project.

Design Theory ensured sum total of zero plasterboard was used.  They also sourced local fabricators and low energy materials to suit their ethos of responsibility.

We’re totally in love with the final result.

We Love Our New Workspace
How elated we are in our new workspace!

It’s a superior upgrade to what we worked in before. Everyone smiles all the time now when they come to work.

We are so grateful to work in such a wonderful office space. We are very proud.

Award Winning Fitout for Perth signage business
Congratulations must go to Design Theory.

They did an incredible job for us in transforming our aged workspace.

We now have an interior fitout that allows us to shine internally and externally as the best Perth signage business!

With our office project, Design Theory won the merit award for Interior Spaces Corporate at the 2015 DIA WA Awards.

If you want to read more about the superb office refit, check out Design Theory.

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