Rebranding? Read These 5 Helpful Tips First

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Rebranding? Read These 5 Helpful Tips First 2

There comes a time in most businesses when brands go out of style and no longer attract new customers like they once did. Rebranding involves the redesign of not only logos, but also many other aspects such as brand colours, fonts, and even the way the company does business, such as a change in core values, in order to modernise and adapt to new and emerging market trends.

Whichever the reason, consider the following five tips before rebranding:

  1. Develop a Plan

Firstly, ask yourself if you even need rebranding. Chances are, if you’re reading this then you’ve already considered it. As with any change in business, rebranding should be planned like any other project in order to foster success.

Consider all of the elements that you’d like to redesign and look to what competitors are doing. You don’t need to copy them, but you may wish to emulate what makes them successful whilst differentiating your brand to show customers that you provide added value.

  1. Embrace Change but Value Continuity

Rebranding isn’t only about replacing the past to make way for the future. In fact, one great approach is to retain values and stylistic choices that worked in the past and reflect them during the rebranding process.

This could involve, for example, keeping a leafy green colour for a gardening business that customers will instantly recognise as being forever your brand, but changing everything else that may be outdated or undesired.

  1. Get Inspired

Trends in graphic design are always changing. What was popular in the last few years is no indication of its popularity in the future. Inspiration can come from many places, but a great resource is to have a look at what’s working and what isn’t in the world of graphic design trends for 2020 and beyond.

Inspiration from some may not be appreciated by others, however. Some people simply don’t have the time or the resources to dedicate to researching branding strategies and design choices that work, and that’s where consultation really helps.

  1. Partner With a Branding Company

The entire rebranding process can be simple or complex, but in any case, it’s always a good idea to consult a company that’s known for helping businesses rebrand with great-looking designs for vehicles and signage such as Go Graphics in Perth.

Branding companies can provide you with stylistic options for fonts, colours, and designs that are proven to succeed in many industries as well as helping you identify your design ideas and see them through to fruition.

  1. Implement Change Successfully

Once you’ve committed to rebranding, it’s time to get everyone on board with the coming changes. A simple change of logo or the rollout of new vehicle signage strategies are not always simply for aesthetics. Changes in brand may also involve adopting new core business values, such as a greater commitment to customer service or an effort to be known as an environmentally-friendly business, for example.

Employees should be aware of the purpose of your rebranding strategy so that they can better understand their role in the promotion of your new brand. Promote your new brand but don’t lose existing customers if possible.

Rebrand With Go Graphics Today

Whether you’re considering a partial or complete rebranding for your business, it’s best to have a reputable graphic design company consult with your business to realise your design. From vehicle signage to retail signage, you want customers to respond positively to your new brand, so go with a company like Go Graphics to ensure your new brand is a success.

Plus, having rolled out a few of our own rebrands over the years, we’ve been through the experience first hand, and are able to offer the best insights and support you can find. We’d love the chance to bring your business to new life in 2020, so let’s chat now! 

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