Signage and Social Distancing: How to Benefit and Stay Safe

As Coronavirus lockdown measures are gradually eased in Western Australia, businesses formerly prohibited from operating are now opening their doors once again. But is it back to business as usual? Far from it.

How can your business adapt in such challenging times? Well, the need for well designed and constructed signage is one physical element which can drastically help or hinder a business’ success. The market is more competitive than ever, and your customer has total control! Make sure it’s your business they are going to be choosing. 

The Need for Signage

Vibrant, eye-catching signage for your business was a great way to get your branding and image out there before the pandemic. It still is, but signage is now more important than ever in order to meet new goals:

  • Letting customers know you’re open once again
  • Alerting customers to new regulations with regards to current restrictions
  • Showing customers where to queue so as to maintain social distancing
  • Sharing home delivery contact information, discounts, and special offers. 
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Signage and Social Distancing: How to Benefit and Stay Safe 3

Be Original With Creative Social Distancing Signage

While most signage should appeal to customers and convey important information, often social distancing decals and signage is bland and a lost opportunity for branding. Depending on the type of business you operate, a combination of window and floor decals will convey to customers and visitors that you’re compliant with state regulations and that you care about the health and safety of your patrons.

Naturally, the most important goal of social distancing floor decals and signage is to remind customers and staff not to gather too closely. This doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some creative ideas, however. Blend social distancing signage seamlessly with your branding by using similar fonts, colours, and patterns.

Use Vehicle Wraps to Meet Increased Demand in Delivery

The restaurant home delivery market in Australia is booming, with a market of AU$1,851m in 2020. Add in the coronavirus pandemic at its height and no doubt this figure will rise sharply in the coming months. There has never been a better time to use vehicle signage for your business, whether you’re in hospitality, trades, or any other industry that relies on delivery or site visits.

Consider that, notwithstanding the easing of quarantine measures, people may be unaware of which businesses survived the pandemic and which adapted their business models to include home delivery services. Let your customers know with some great vehicle signage and let the calls come in.

Signage and Social Distancing: How to Benefit and Stay Safe 4

Maintain Compliance in Western Australia

If your business intends to reopen, you’ll need to ensure that your business follows a few guidelines first. The COVID Safety Plan must be filled out and the certificate found within must be clearly affixed. Not exactly exciting signage, but it’s fair to say that you’re doing your part to help Australians stay safe and demonstrate your compliance to regulations and guidelines. Plus, why not complement your certificate with some great window and floor decals and signage? 

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As business owners and stakeholders,it’s time to take advantage of the fact that more and more people are out and about, and reach out to them with clever, eye catching, vibrant signage from Go Graphics Perth, your premier sign makers. 

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