Time for a Refresh? Logo Re-design Ideas for Your Business

Changing logos and business marketing visuals can have significant impacts on your business operations and, in turn, your revenue. Obviously, businesses usually make these sorts of changes because they want to increase revenue, not decrease it! But in many cases, re-designed logos and visuals can have unintended consequences unless they’re done right.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of logo re-design ideas, there are a few things to consider.

Why Do You Need to Re-Design Your Logo?

For many businesses, the original logo may simply feel out of style, or that it hasn’t kept up with current trends. That might be enough of an impulse to change. For others, it’s a conscious choice to try and bolster marketing efforts because the old logo just isn’t catching on or being remembered by your existing customers.

Consider perhaps one of the most iconic logos, that of Coca-Cola. For most of their centuries-long history, Coca-Cola has kept pretty much the same logo except for a brief period from 1985-1992 where they tried to reinvent their logo to mixed reviews.

Coca Cola 28Bold29                             New Coke 1985 logo

Other brands that have reinvented themselves to much greater success include businesses such as Spotify, who have modernised their logo in line with their massive growth in success. Their original logo (2008-2015) wasn’t necessarily bad, but the new logo (2015-today) achieves much more simplicity and lends itself well to a logo useful for app downloads with its famous ‘signal’ iconography.


The Importance of Logo Re-Designs

A logo conveys a lot of information with just a few elements. Colours, graphics, icons, fonts, and other such elements all contribute to making your business recognisable. The good news is that nowadays, many business owners can create their logos for free using helpful online tools – and the results can be pretty darned good a lot of the time.

The bad news about these free logo creation tools, however, is that they are often ‘freemium’ models whereby exporting the logo files requires a paid membership. Moreover, the logo itself may be of poor quality when used in various formats such as vehicle vinyl wraps or oversized business signage.

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Simplification of Business Branding

When creating a new business logo, simplicity is one common and on-trend approach that many go for. It doesn’t mean that you have to do the same, but there’s a good reason why many successful businesses have, over time, simplified their logos to what they are today.

Elaborate, complex logos with a lot of details overwhelm viewers and they don’t necessarily lend themselves well to various media such as apps or social media profiles. If you insist on having an elaborate logo, consider like in the Spotify example above, having an icon that is uniquely identifiable for your business whenever building social media profiles or using small-form imagery in your marketing endeavours.

Photo 17 8 21 10 18 36 am scaled

Down to Details: Colours, Fonts, and Graphics

Every re-designed logo should consider multiple choices for each and every element. Do you want to keep the same colours? The same fonts? Or is it time for a completely new redesign?

Be aware that there is a tradeoff that can be made, depending on the current reach of your business. Too strong of a difference in the re-design can lead to customer confusion; they may be unable to recall your business from memory if the logo is too different from the old one. Conversely, if the new logo too closely resembles the old one, you should probably ask yourself if it’s even a good investment in the first place.

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