Top 3 Vehicle Wrap Ideas

The flexibility provided by vehicle wraps is one of the main reasons they’ve become so popular. Vehicle wraps are an ideal canvas for branding and promoting your business effectively, so there’s plenty of reasons why your business should be using them. Whether for a single vehicle or a fleet of company vehicles, vehicle wraps can be used on cars, trucks, vans, RVs, or trailers to great effect.

When deciding what type of vehicle wrap to use, however, it’s worth spending some time finding a signage company that’s got a great reputation for successfully creating designs that stick – figuratively and literally! There are three main types of vehicle wrap in common use today, as explained below:

01. Spot Graphics

One of the most common and popular choices for vehicle wraps, Spot Graphics involves die-cut decals and ‘stickers’ made of vinyl. Why go with die-cut decals for your vehicle? Well, there are many reasons why you would want to install them, such as a simple brand logo, telephone number or email address, or wherever else a simple design is desired.

Another reason to use spot graphics is to preserve the natural paint colour of your vehicle. Since the decals function much like stickers on a refrigerator might look, for example, they won’t interfere with the majority of your vehicle’s natural paint coating.

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02. Partial Vinyl

Whereas spot graphics are ideal for small designs and lettering, partial vinyl wraps are great at achieving nearly all of the benefits that a complete wrap offers but typically at a fraction of the price.

Partial vinyl wraps, as one might imagine, only partially cover the vehicle from generally as little as ⅓ to about ⅔ of the vehicle’s surface area. These are sometimes referred to as ‘half-wraps’ since they often cover about half of the vehicle.

Try a partial wrap on vans or trucks where the vehicle’s natural paint colour is well-complemented by your brand colours. Designs that incorporate a gradient colour can easily blend into the natural paint colour and garner just as much attention as a full wrap in these instances.

03. Full Vinyl

When your vehicle needs to be a complete canvas for your creative design, full vinyl wraps will get the job done. For designs with captivating colour patterns, textures (e.g. hatching, stripes, etc.), and for completely changing the appearance of your vehicle, full vinyl is the way to go. Use full vinyl wraps when your business needs to make a statement.

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Full vinyl wraps can completely cover every centimeter of your vehicle’s surface area. This may or may not include windows, where perforated vinyl can be incorporated into the design as well, to ensure complete cohesiveness while still focusing on safety and functionality. We call this unique feature ‘One Way Vision’ and you can rest assured, Go Graphics only uses products that are approved by traffic authorities, for your safety and peace of mind. 

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Wrapping Up

Whichever wrap you’ve got in mind for your business, the most important consideration is the design itself. Coming up with creative branding and eye-catching graphics are what matter most, since that’s what’ll turn heads and generate leads. Lucky for you, this is where Go Graphics come in, and our years of both design and production experience make us the only signage company you should consider for your vehicle. Still unsure, check out more details on our Car & Vehicle Signage page, or visit our Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date with our latest jobs.

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As Perth’s go-to company for creative design and vehicle wraps, Go Graphics can turn your vehicle or fleet of company vehicles into an attractive opportunity for effective marketing. Get in touch with us today via phone or email to get your free quote, and kickstart your business through vehicle signage.