Top 5 Benefits of Custom Vehicle Vinyl Wraps

There are just so many excellent benefits to having your car or fleet of cars wrapped in stylish vinyl wrap designs, but we’ve narrowed them down to five top benefits for you and your business.

1. Excellent and Effective Branding

Vinyl wraps are amongst the most effective means of branding and marketing, simply because they get noticed every day on the road by other drivers and passersby whilst parked. Naturally, they don’t do much for international marketing, but they are extremely effective within your town or city.

The key to effective branding comes down to two fundamental checkpoints: get noticed (which is easy to do with vinyl wraps), and convert that attention into leads. The latter depends largely on your choice of design, which is why we recommend you leave this to graphic designers that excel in creating memorable, eye-catching designs.

For more information on the effects of a vinyl wrap as a method of branding, see our blog post on exactly that topic here.

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Top 5 Benefits of Custom Vehicle Vinyl Wraps 3

2. Cost-Effective Marketing

The cost of a vinyl wrap is peanuts when compared to the ongoing expenses associated with using other forms of media. Digital marketing (pay-per-click ads), television adverts, radio, and newspaper advertising slots all cost money for a snapshot of time, regardless of whether or not anyone actually follows up.

Compare this to vinyl wraps, which are on the road for hours and hours during the day, constantly grabbing the attention of other drivers and pedestrians. When it comes to ongoing expenditures for marketing, vinyl wraps are the sensible choice.

3. Infinite Design Possibilities

Want a premium appearance with big, fun fonts or a catchy design? Vinyl wraps can be designed just about any way you want, using a wide palette of colours, gradients, fonts, and graphics that stand out whilst on the road.

The amount of choice in design may be virtually endless, but some designs tend to work better than others. That’s why we recommend that you ask a graphic designer to provide you with samples of their work and that you choose a company that is willing to work closely with you to bring your ideas to reality.

4. Protection Against Rust, Scratches, and Chips

Although vinyl wraps are not primarily designed for protection, they do provide meaningful protection against chips, cracks, scratches, and rust once applied to the vehicle. Of course, a scratched vinyl wrap will lose some of its aesthetic value, but a new section of vinyl can easily be reapplied to patch the area. Furthermore, the underlying coat of paint will be in pristine condition whenever you decide to have it removed.

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Top 5 Benefits of Custom Vehicle Vinyl Wraps 4

5. Better Than Paint!

Before the advent of vinyl wraps as a means of decorating vehicles, paint was sometimes used. It still is, but vinyl wraps are now the most popular choice for a number of practical reasons.

A full custom paint job is semi-permanent, making it difficult to implement a new design on a whim. The old paint will need to be removed and the new coat applied, which can take weeks. Vinyl wraps are far more cost-effective, can be installed much faster, and preserve the underlying paint colour to preserve the vehicle’s sale value later on.

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